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The Only Thing He Doesn’t Do is Bark

Today marks the launch of Beyond the Car Seat’s Dog Week. Our pooch, LZ, is a six year old Australian Kelpie that we picked up at the North Shore Animal League almost four years ago. Since she survived her time with us as our practice baby we figured we could handle the real thing. LZ had a little bit of learning curve during the first year living with the baby, but now things between the two of them have reached a Détente. LZ has been very patient with LTD when he grabs her tail or pulls her ears and we have been very patient with LZ when she licks his face.

In fact, the little guy has already learned one thing from the dog, how to eat. LZ doesn’t much need to be petted and she doesn’t really crave the dog park, the only thing that stirs great passion in her is food. Naturally, one would assume that if the dog loves food so much she would savor it and take her time to enjoy it. Of course with the dog the exact opposite occurs. She hovers her food so fast that if you blink you will miss it. After careful scientific observation of the canine, LTD has learned to employ the dog’s speed when eating. He will shove handfuls of rice in his mouth regardless of how much rice is already in his gaping maw. When spooning yogurt into his chops, heaven forbid, you take the time to put another scoop in the container because this will result in a baby scream that loosely translate to ‘more.’ Now if only I was allowed to let the dog lick him clean like she does the yogurt cup.

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