Shut the Front Door

doorsAs long time Beyond the Car Seat readers know all too well, BB is freakishly strong. His bull like strength is displayed mainly on his new favorite task, shutting doors. Whenever we pass through an open door, BB stops and tries to shut it. This new hobby has two central challenges. The first is that I need to constantly make sure his wee fingers are not going to get crushed (as I did to LTD’s digits in the car door the other day) and the second problem occurs when I am trying to hold the door open for someone. When we leave school he turns and pushes the door closed telling gravity to go to hell, but if I’m holding it open for a fellow parent then a battle of wills erupts.Normally, he would win since he is so strong, but I cheat by picking him up, but in the end he can claim victory because when I pick him he screams in my face giving me a headache. At the end of the day, the good news is that I never have to worry about the heating bill since I’ll never have to tell him to shut the door he’s letting the heat out. 

Book Review – Stewie Boomstein Starts School

noomdyrNow that LTD and everyone else has officially started school, I figured it might be time for a better late than never review. We have read LTD a few books over the years about getting ready for school and they have all been fairly straight forward. However, Stewie Boomstein Starts School takes a slightly different tack. Written by Christine Bronstein with illustrations by Karen Young, the story focuses on Stewie, a child with typical 5 year old problems. Stewie is depicted as not only being funny but also as loud and angry. I enjoyed those aggressive character traits as many books deal only with being scared of the first day of school. In this tale, Stewie has a pretty bad first day and his family has to rally around him to figure out a game plan to survive day two. The narrative deals with Stewie being off his routine and not having access to a clear schedule like at home. As usual, it is Beyond the Car Seat policy not to spoil the ending, but I believe you a can guess how the Boomstein family creatively ensures Stewie doesn’t drop out and become just another statistic.

Time Flies

gowToday, I dropped BB off in the big boy room at preschool and wanted to leave quickly to avoid trauma, however, my fears were pointless since he could have cared less that I was leaving him there and was playing well immediately.Even with some of the other kids displaying the tell tale symptoms of separation anxiety (crying very loudly) he remained stoic. Later in the week, LTD has his first day of kindergarten and then we begin the treadmill of bookbags, homework, school lunch, standardize tests and prom. GULP!

Product Review – Deck Wireless Speaker

soldeckAs BB enters the terrible twos we have tried many things to chill him out and have even resorted to LTD singing, which actually works. However, since we don’t love LTD’s singing as much as BB seems to, we have turned to Sol Republic’s DECK wireless speaker. Of course, LTD digs it because it looks like it is from the future, but the wireless feature is a first for us. In the past the small speakers we used in the kids room met a cruel fate at the hands of BB, the destroyer of all things that can be destroyed. The Mommy has been using Heist mode to pair and steal my playlist and replace with hers, let’s just say that BB has been listening to a lot more Adele than before. We mostly use it in the kid’s room, but the speaker features an outdoor boost that we haven’t tried but LTD keeps talking about it since it sounds like turbo boost. Also, BB doesn’t make a lot of conference work calls from home but the DECK does work as a speaker phone. Needless to say we have come a long way from my Mickey Mouse record player.


woman-screaming-bwToday is LTD’s last day of Preschool…ever. In a way whenever anyone says the phrase, I can’t believe it, in these situation you wonder if they really mean it because if he is only growing in one direction and is now five the next logical step is kindergarten, so sure I believe it, but man oh man is it weird. The days are long but the weeks fly by. The real adventure begins….

Caped Crusader

adam-west-batmanAs long time Beyond the Car Seat readers know BB only speaks a few words. Sure, he babbles in complete sentences but no one but him knows what he is talking about. So in addition, to car and ball and the occasion daddy or mommy sprinkled with some animal noises (moo and woof) we now have a new random word to add to his lexicon. The Batman. It all started a few weeks ago when we went to a 75 anniversary event at the Barnes & Noble and then the comic store and now whenever he sees an image of the dark knight we are treated to “ba-ma” Trust me it is clearer than I wrote and it is obvious he is saying Batman. In conclusion, how do I feel that BB says Batman but doesn’t really ever say, daddy? I feel pretty great.

Kids Say The Darndest Things BTCS Edition

mmFor this story you only need to know that Joe is one of LTD’s classroom friends. Tonight as LTD was putting on PJ’s for bed, for the second night in a row, he didn’t put on a shirt. This being summer I didn’t question his choice but he offered up an explanation anyway. “Joe doesn’t wear a shirt to bed either because dude’s don’t wear shirts and we want to be like dudes.” This also makes sense in light of the fact that he has been calling me dude all week.

Book Review – Little Elliot Big City

LittleElliot high res cvrLately, LTD has been staying up wicked late and so I always enjoy reading him short stories and Little Elliot Big City fits the bill nicely. The story focuses on the elephant Little Elliot with the catch being that this particular elephant is, as his names suggests, little. The art is amazing and the tale features many wonderful splash pages that give the book a movie feel. Mike Curato’s work shows a love for New York of yesteryear and the images create a nice sense of nostalgia. As keeping with Beyond the Car Seat policy I won’t spoil the ending and will only add that Little Elliot’s size plays a “big” part. 

A Mydal Moment

bedSo in the crazy world of raising two boys things happen fast. This Saturday things happened really fast. We had previously removed bins from the boys room as BB was using them to get on to LTD’s bed. We didn’t really care that he was getting on the bed but it was concerning that he was going from the bed to the changing table/dresser. However, this Saturday we discovered that BB can get on to LTD’s bed without the aid of any bin or object. The Mommy and me thought we could just move the dresser away from the bed and this began a chain of events that in retrospect was predictable. We placed BB in his crib so we could move the furniture around and he quickly let us know that you can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube. Thankfully, we stopped him but he basically was prepared to re-enact The Great Escape as he put one leg over the crib wall. Throughout the day as The Mommy was researching options, he tried to summit the bookcases. To make a long story short, we made an emergency trip to Ikea and now the boys have bunk beds. 

Kids Say The Darndest Things BTCS Edition

71UVBOGArWL._SL1500_Yesterday, The Mommy noticed her shoe had a loose thread on it and so she grabbed a pair of scissors and began trimming it while wearing it. LTD spied her and the following exchange occurred. 

LTD: What are you doing?

Mommy: I’m cutting off this loose thread.

LTD: But you will cut your foot off.

Mommy: No, I won’t

LTD: Well, if you cut your foot off, that’s on you.