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The Creeping Menace

1matt-rolloverFor almost seven months now watching the baby during the day hasn’t required an extreme level of vigilance. Recently, that has all changed. People say you have to baby proof when they start to crawl, but no one talks about what to do when they start to roll. I put LTD down on the tummy time mat and looked away for a second and when I turned back he had rolled to the other side of the room. The way this kid moves, I should rig him up to a generator to power the house for free. So now that the tummy time mat is painfully small, I have started using a comforter on the floor to prevent LTD from putting dog hair in his mouth (or at least no more than usual).

The time feels right to get a baby jail, but that would mean that 1/3rd of the household population would be incarcerated and that just feels too high. I always wanted a free-range baby but my liberal ideals have run smack into the cold reality of the situation. Hopefully we will figure it all out by the time he starts to crawl. This whole thing has taught me one thing though, with LTD there is never a dull moment.

Drop And Give Me Twenty

As strong believers in the “Back to Sleep” movement, The Mommy and I always put LTD on his back when he goes in the crib to sleep. The current research endorses this position to avoid SIDS. However, when babies spend all their sleep time on their back an unexpected side effect occurs, their heads get lopsided. So of course the experts have an answer to that problem as well, it goes by many names but the most popular is Tummy Time.

We have been told to do Tummy Time for at least five minutes a day. You basically pull a reverse turtle and plop the kid down on his chest and watch him squirm. The goal is to strengthen his neck, chest and arm muscles. They make special Tummy Time mats (can you believe they make stuff for parents to buy for their babies?), but you can use the floor or any surface as long as baby is supervised.

The Mommy and I have discovered only one small problem with Tummy Time. LTD hates it. He really hates it. He really, really hates it. When you research what to do when your baby hates Tummy Time, the experts agree that over time he’ll get over it. You can try to make it fun by playing with toys in front of him or making faces, but at the end of the day if he cries through the whole thing there isn’t much you can do about it. Tummy Time is important, so like so many other things in life you just have to get through it alive.