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Sweat Lodge

Any one living on the east coast knows that it seems like this summer has been one long heat wave. Beyond the Car Seat doesn’t want to have a debate about global climate change except to say this: Last week our central air conked out. The inside thermostat was in the 90’s and the whole family was in a foul mood for a few days. Thankfully, our electrician/plumber Joe was able to fix it and now life is back to normal. The internal heat wave caused us all to sweat profusely and things quickly devolved into mild unpleasantness as our society began to break down. The baby sweat caused LTD’s hair to become matted down and he looked like a hobo. It didn’t help that he spent most of the time without a shirt on. There is something a little pathetic about seeing a kid that sweaty, I think because he doesn’t know to clean himself up and make himself presentable. He brought new meaning to the word disheveled. Now that the house is cool and the heat wave finally over I appreciate life more and express joy that my kid’s appearance no longer attracts harsh stares directed at me by society’s judges.

I Say, Hats Off to You Sir and Good Day

As long time Beyond the Car Seat readers know LTD is always picking up new patterns of behavior with great side effects ranging from frustrating to funny. His latest falls into the first category, frustrating. It seems the little guy doesn’t care to wear his hat when outside to protect his dome from the harmful rays of the punishing sun. Most of the time he wins the battle because we aren’t really in the sun all that long and I try and fight the battles I can win. However, when we are walking the dog or at a playground the back and forth begins. Walking the dog is especially fun since he is in the backpack and when his hats hits the ground it forces me to make some hard decisions. I’ve tried to get the hat back on his melon without taking him down from the backpack and I’m not gonna lie and play the hero, I can’t do it. Which leaves me with the choice of either stopping and fixing everything and hope the dog doesn’t see a squirrel in the process or admitting defeat and trying to stay in the shade. Oh, and I know what you’re thinking, why not use the velco strap? Well, the kid loves Velcro so much he rubs it against his tongue before he whips the hat to the ground. The only real question is, do they make motorcycle helmets that will fit a 16 month old?

Special Product Review – Fisher-Price Rainforest Color Changing Sun Shades

shadeAs hardcore members of the Beyond the Car Seat nation know I don’t give negative product reviews. My thinking being that if a product sucks I won’t bother doing the courtesy of acknowledging that it even exists. However, I have decided to break my silence by highlighting the lameness of the Fisher-Price Rainforest Color Changing Sun Shade. We purchased this simple item and stuck it on the car windows, but never really need it since LTD was in the infant car carrier and the carrier cover blocked his face anyway. The firefighter who certified that we installed our car seat correctly told us that the suction cup shades weren’t good because anything that can fly off during an accident would turn in to a projectile.

Now that LTD has moved to the big boy car seat we actually needed the shades to work and man let me tell you they didn’t. The harsh rays of our nearest star burned brightly through the carsun_2 window and the shade to turn my little guy’s cheek a rosy red. Thankfully the color went away quickly, but The Mommy and I were outraged. I opened the car door and looked through the shaded window at the sun and then looked directly at the sun without the shade, there was no difference. The Mommy and I set off for Target to purchase the Eddie Bauer sun stick on sunshade that makes the car look like a limo with tinted glass. Now LTD is able to rest his fair skin and has the added benefit on ordering me around as his chauffer. In conclusion, what did it take for me to write the first negative review in the history of this website? It took the Fisher-Price Rainforest Color Changing Sun Shade. They should call it the Fisher-Price Rainforest Color Non-Changing Let the Sun in Non-Shade.

Product Review – California Baby Sunscreen Lotion

sunSummer is upon us and the sun is beating down hard. For obvious reasons, the sun can be very harsh for babies (and for adults). The Mommy makes LTD wear his beach hat when we go outside. The hat makes him look like a reject from an open casting call for a commercial for baby beach hats. One other must have for LTD when he goes out is sunscreen. We have been trying to use only natural shampoos, lotions and other baby products on his un-weathered skin. I still don’t fully understand what a paraben is, but I don’t want it near my baby. One of the only baby sunscreens that we have found that fits all of The Mommy’s strict criteria is California Baby® No Fragrance SPF 30+ Sunscreen Lotion. Like all baby products it ain’t cheap, but hopefully when LTD is 80 and doesn’t look like a saddle bag, the expense will have proven worth it.