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You Talking to Me?

Now that LTD is speaking on a regular basis The Mommy and I have had to get out the special decoder computer to process a certain word pattern that the little guy seems to be stuck on. This behavior falls in the half cute-half nothing’s ever easy categories. That’s right folks, LTD uses the words ‘You’ and ‘Me’ incorrectly, interchangeably and by process of luck sometimes right. It took us a little while to figure it out after many false starts. He would order us to sit by saying You Sit, but what he meant was he wanted to sit. The worst problems occurred when I would try and say the following: If you mean me than say me if you are talking about me than say you. It didn’t take long for The Mommy to realize that I was being foolish. She of course immediately told the little guy that if LTD means LTD than say I or Me if you want Daddy to do it say you or Daddy. Either way the funny thing about the you/me situation is that now The Mommy and I can totally tell what he means while other people can only look on with confusion. He mostly says ‘you do it’ when he wants to hold the cup or something, which to the outside observer seems cruel that we are forcing him to do something that he has clearly indicated that he wants us to do, but outsiders don’t speak LTD.

The issue is beginning to resolve itself as the little guy is starting to refer to himself in the third person with phrases like “LTD do it,” but the you/me confusion is still very much a presence in our lives and you wouldn’t have it any other way.