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I Laughed So Hard I Cried

happysad2LTD is not prone to tantrums and for the most part he plays things close to the vest. Occasionally though, he has bouts of insanely loud crying followed immediately by slightly less insanely loud laughing. He experiences what doctors at the nervous hospital call a mixed episode (that is if you take out all the scary words like bipolar, manic and depression in order to twist the meaning to apply to a situation in which a baby cries than quickly laughs). He does this sometimes when he is put on the changing table and for some reason starts to sharply cry, if you blow raspberries on his belly he then stops mid-cry and starts to laugh. Normally, it would be a little freaky and I would tell him to make up his mind already, but since he goes from crying to laughing or bad to good, I let it play out without too much thought as to why.

We Got a Cute Situation Over Here

Perhaps being a father has made me more sentimental, but the baby has been doing some pretty cute things lately. He commits these acts of cuteness during the day while I’m watching him by myself. He has been daring me to find a cuter baby by doing things that make you want to turn around and say, ‘did you see that’ but of course there is no one here to tell. I inform The Mommy over the phone but some of the brazen acts of adorableness you have to see for yourself and I suspect The Mommy is a little sad at having missed them. cute

Let’s go down the list. The funniest thing he does is fall asleep with the pacifier in his mouth and when the pacifier falls out he continues to make sucking motions with his mouth in a move the experts call The Phantom Pacifier. Like all babies LTD sneezes a fair amount and that in and of it self is pretty funny but the other day he went for a big sneeze and nothing happened and the look on his face as the sneeze fizzled out was priceless. Then there is the fact they he recently discovered the dog. LTD has been cracking up when the dog goes in to lick his face. I’m talking about a full-blown belly laugh. Not to mention the time he spends staring at the pooch. All in all, LTD’s quest for the title ‘most adorable baby on Earth’ makes changing stinky poo diapers almost worth it.

Can I Have My Lip Back?

The development gods have smiled on LTD and blessed him with a natural curiosity, which in turn he uses to explore his ever-expanding worldview. One of the ways he has learned to discover his environment is by reaching out with his little grasping hands to pull things into his pie hole/laboratory. We are now at the removing all choking hazards stage from the house, a process that isn’t easy. In addition to removing objects that may pose a risk to the baby, something new has cropped up that actually poses a risk to me. When you go in close with your face to make LTD smile he reaches out with his claws and grabs you. I’m not saying he’s Hercules, but when he latches on to your lips or nose it sort of hurts. As I have previously mentioned if his nails haven’t been cut that day, they tear into my flesh. Additionally, it doesn’t have to be my face, he grabs my arm when I’m carrying him and had yet to release me from his death grip without taking a few arm hairs as trophies. LTD has taught me that sometimes the price of love is paid for with little tiny hand imprints on my face.


Alone in the Dark

I wish I could tell you this only happened once, but I can’t. LTD has done the following a lot and it sort of freaks me out. At night, we usually keep his room pretty dark with only the glow of the night light to prevent stubbed toes. I will be woken up to his familiar wail and change his diaper anytime between 3 and 5am. When I take him out of his crib and he stops crying, it happens on the way to the changing table, I get hit with the “CNS” Creepy Night Smile. Technically, there is nothing different about his night smile and his day smile; it is the same cute grin. However, in the darkness of 4am, the shadows play tricks on me. I keep expecting LTD’s head to spin around while he informs he that Satan is his father now. I can only hope that as he sleeps through more and more of the night I will be able to enjoy his smile during only sunlight hours.