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Car Seat Safety Update

Important car seat safety information. Click here.

I Give You Wegmans

On our recent July Fourth trip to visit LTD’s grandparents we spent a lot of time at the super supermarket Wegmans. We did this for one really big reason. They knew the little guy was coming. Like our local Whole Paycheck um, I mean Whole Foods, Wegmans not only had ready to eat prepared food for every pallet, they had a rather large play area for the children. The nice and clean area featured: TV with Disney Channel, small tables and chairs, toys, books, puzzles, sink, cups, paper towels, paper bibs and booster seats. As we enjoyed our meal, the little guy enjoyed the freedom to do what he does best, which is to not sit still. Since, for the time being, LTD is a little mini human tornado, I refuse to take him to restaurants that have a wait staff. By the time the food comes he has already gone bonkers. So eateries that have play areas have become a staple of our family routine.

Of course I understand that these places aren’t really doing this cause they love children more than other people, they know that if they make my life easier I will stay longer, come back again and again and spend more money. I’m okay with that cause I like eating out and I have no problem choosing a place like Wegman’s over and over again. Did I mention that in both ladies and men’s bathrooms feature a changing station with free diapers?

Baby Proof Yeah Right

We survived LTD’s second Thanksgiving. He was basically fine during the car ride and The Mommy didn’t even need to sit in the back with him. However, we did experience some turbulence during our visit. It seems the little guy decided to fully embrace vacation mode. He was so off his regular routine it wasn’t even funny. On Black Friday he only took one twenty-minute nap all day in order to take advantage of all the bargains. And we could have gone to some of those scary door buster 4am sales with the sleep problems he had during the trip. Thankfully by Saturday night he feel back into a almost normal routine and we were all able to sleep. But no you say that all sounds bad, well it wasn’t for LTD.

The little guy was like an escape animal from the zoo. Both Nana and Zadie’s homes as well as our friend Diane’s, were we had Thanksgiving dinner, were not baby proofed (nor should they have been). However, we have gotten very used to our fortress like gate system at home and LTD was very aware that he was on the loose. I have never seen some one run around in circles so much. He turned on and off the TV’s so many times I thought he was applying for a job at a power button factory. From the phones to the remote controls he could not be stopped. The Mommy and I said, no don’t touch that so many times it truly lost all meaning. On the plus side we kept busy and did a lot of fun things since staying inside was not an option. Now that he is back in captivity he has returned to his routine without complaint filled with the knowledge that he made the most of his prison furlough.

Guest Post

Once again Beyond the Car Seat turns over the reigns to my friend Lauren Mattia. Lauren is also a new parent and has her own video show called The Real Jersey Shore. Please enjoy this video.

Product Review – Bebe au Lait

This week, we consult The Mommy for our review since I have never actually used the product. The Bebe au Lait Nursing Covers and Hooter Hiders have become a staple in our collection of baby gear when we leave the house. Don’t take me word for it; let’s get the 411 straight from the source. “At first I used it because I wanted privacy,“ said The Mommy. She added, “but now [that LTD is ten months] I really use it to close him off from the outside world so he doesn’t get distracted when I’m feeding him in public.” The Mommy also mentioned that she knows of nursing working moms who have used the Bebe au Lait to cover up when they are pumping in the back of their cars in the office-parking garage. She also called it a giant boob tent, but that may have been off the record.

While I can’t review the product from the point of view of someone who has used it, I will add that I feel like by this point I know what kind of taste The Mommy has and she enjoys the Bebe au Lait for an additional reason other than the fact that it is practical. She likes the “good quality fabric and beautiful designs.” I knew she was going to say that. I also knew she was going to say, “It makes me want one in every style and design.” Sadly, we are going to be weaning LTD in the near future, so LTD’s college fund is safe for now.

One Turkey, Eight Teeth

53903_wild_turkeyLTD’s first Thanksgiving, left The Mommy and me a lot to be thankful for, but the one thing we are most grateful for is that we are still alive. Our trip to Maine was packed with exciting days and terrifying de7_baby_teethnights. It seems LTD picked Thanksgiving weekend to get four new teeth. After four nights in a row without sleep, you begin to realize what it is like to stare into the abyss and have the abyss stare back. Hats off to The Nana who suffered with us during our stay and discovered that when a baby visits you should be careful what you wish for. Of course, the little guy was happy as a clam during the day and enjoyed our two trips to LL Bean. He even sort of enjoyed his first ever bite of turkey and by enjoyed, I mean he enjoyed playing with it on the mat and enjoyed watching me use my finger to get it of his mouth when he made the worst face I have ever seen someone make after he tasted it. LTD was also a good boy during the car ride especially after The Mommy and the dog switched seats so she could sit next to him. The dog spent the trip getting hair all over the dashboard and LTD spent most of it asleep. Hopefully, we will all get back to our routines, so that I don’t have to return to zombie mode and LTD’s second Thanksgiving will be spent using the teeth, he battled for, to eat turkey.

First Road Trip – Beantown

annaThis past weekend, The Mommy and I took LTD on his first long car trip. One of the places we went was the birthplace of American democracy, Boston. LTD handled the car ride pretty well; all that movement caused him to mostly sleep. The only real challenge was finding places for The Mommy to breastfeed that weren’t dirty roadside shacks (even with the Hooter Hider, truckers still tried to sneak a peak). We stayed at our first hotel as new parents. Thanks to the pack n play working perfectly, he slept well. We subscribed to the baby packing school of thought that suggests bringing more than you will need. The hip and trendy hotel guests enjoyed watching me make three trips through the lobby with blankets, diapers and strollers. The hotel had a pool so we took the baby for his first swim and by swim I mean we held him while slowly dragging him through the water. We think he liked it going by the fact that he didn’t cry. It has been three months since he was last in that type of environment, so it was like going home. The big event of the trip was taking him for his first ever Anna’s Taqueria. For obvious reasons he couldn’t really enjoy the food, so I ate double to honor his visit. All in all, traveling when they are at this age is not really a big deal. I’m really looking forward to when he hits all the elevator buttons and feels the need to run screaming down the hotel hallways.