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Solid… Solid as a Rock

rock06For the past month, in addition to the sustenance The Mommy provides, LTD has been eating three solid meals a day. We are talking about mashed up versions of everyday favorites like pears, avocado, peas and cereal. Their are many benefits to eating fruits and vegetables, but one we never thought about would be what happens when LTD is done eating them. That’s right, I’m talking about waste or as the immature among you call poo. Before when he was exclusively on milk it was common for him to go number two once every 7-10 days, that cycle is way gone. Thanks to the new fuel supply and the binding agent known as a banana, LTD has been using his butt as a Play-dough fun factory.

Once every one to two days, the little guy produces a perfectly formed golf ball sized poo that is so easy to clean up it’s almost a joy. Unlike the milk-only mess, a diaper change now takes mere seconds, which works well considering squirmy mcsquirmison doesn’t sit still on the changing table anymore. The new poo situation also has the added value of occasionally being wicked funny as it is in the case of the little butt cheek imprints he sometimes leaves on the diaper flattened poo. Also, let’s not forget the face he makes when he is creating one of his masterpieces and the accompanying grunts that make us feel like we should be giving him privacy.

Cereal Killer

No bells or sirens went off, but it just felt like it was time. The Mommy decided to pull the trigger. This morning, we gave the baby rice cereal for the first time. It was his first non-breast milk meal ever. However, we mixed the rice cereal with breast milk, so technically it was his first non entirely breast milk meal ever. We over came our first hurdle when The Mommy told me to shut up, since we were video taping for posterity, and she felt I was adding unnecessary DVD commentary. In my own defense not much was happening in terms of exciting movie making, but The Mommy gently reminded me that it “wasn’t about me.”

riceWe had LTD on top of the table sitting in his bumbo chair with a big bib on his chest like Superman’s S. Then we basically just jumped right in, The Mommy spooned some cereal into LTD’s mouth and we waited to see what would happen. No surprises, what seems like the normal chain of events followed. He swallowed some but more oozed out on to his chin thanks to his tongue thrust reflex. The Mommy read that feeding the baby solids at this age wasn’t about extra nutrition but to get them used to eating. And based on what I have seen, he needs all the practice he can get and we need more paper towels.