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Product Review – Pong iPhone Case

There was a time when my property was my own, now of course most things I own quickly fall into the sticky hands of L “let me have it” TD. Nowhere does his stealing become more frequent then when it comes to my new iPhone. As many people know like a newborn baby a brand new iPhone comes into this world naked and must be protected. I knew once The Mommy picked up the 4S for me that I would immediately need to put on a case to prevent the little guy from marking it with his prints. I have the iPhone 4/4S Soft Touch Pong Case, which I got simply because I needed a case. However, the Pong comes with something a little extra that is pretty cool because as I have stated above it’s not just my health I need to be worried about.

There Pong offers the “first patented solution proven in FCC- certified laboratories to dramatically reduce your exposure to electromagnetic radiation (“EMR”) exposure while protecting phone performance.” Also according to their research, “most users of cell phones are unaware that between 48% and 68% of the radiation emitted by their phones is absorbed into their heads and bodies. The absorption of this “near field” energy not only disrupts the “far field” energy necessary for the phone to communicate with a cell tower, but also underlies increasing concerns among physicians, scientists, and lawmakers who believe this exposure to be a health hazard.” Now I’m not sure where I come down on the science of cell phone radiation, but I do know I needed a case so one that prevents me from turning into the Hulk seems like a smart choice. I would like to always blame the boy but truth be told I have already dropped the phone a couple of times and the case did its job well. Now if only they could invent a case that prevents a toddler from watching so much Mickey Mouse on Youtube that I blow out my data plan.