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Summer Health Checklist

Once again our Pediatrician’s office offer some great advice. Here are some summer health tips.

  • Very Important! Whooping Cough Outbreak! If your child has not been immunized against pertussis (whooping cough) PLEASE call our office to schedule a vaccination immediately. There has been a reported outbreak of Whooping Cough, so make sure your child is protected.
  • If your child is traveling to Asia, Africa, South America or the Caribbean, please call our office to schedule a travel visit.
  • If your child is of school age, make sure you are up to date with his or hers; annual check-up for school and sports forms.
  • If your child is age 11 or older and plays sports, schedule a baseline ImPact test now. The test only takes 20 minutes and is so important should your child suffer from any type of head injury.
  • If your son is a young adult, schedule his HPV series (3 shots over 6 months) now that insurance is covering boys as well as girls.

Halloween Tips

Check out this Halloween health information. Here.