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Say it Don’t Spray It

The mess LTD makes while eating increases in direct proportion to the increases in his food choices. Yogurt makes a particularly nice mess as does cheese. However, everything we have fed him so far pales in comparison to the mess he makes with his mouth. You haven’t truly lived until you’ve seen a baby blow a raspberry with a mouth full of mashed up peas. If this hasn’t happened to you, then you don’t as of yet know the joy of getting mush sprayed onto your face by your own creation. Of course the little guy lets out his requisite laugh after each blown raspberry.

The real challenge for me and The Mommy is that we can’t help but laugh as well which sends a mixed signal to LTD. I can only hope that he is too young to figure out our conflicting messages and I hope that we are cured of the habit when he is old enough to really notice. On another food related matter, things are pretty gross with the green foods like peas and avocado, but they are not in the same league with the dark colored foods. Lets put it this way; I won’t tell you what it looks like when he is done eating prunes.

Product Review – Bebe au Lait

This week, we consult The Mommy for our review since I have never actually used the product. The Bebe au Lait Nursing Covers and Hooter Hiders have become a staple in our collection of baby gear when we leave the house. Don’t take me word for it; let’s get the 411 straight from the source. “At first I used it because I wanted privacy,“ said The Mommy. She added, “but now [that LTD is ten months] I really use it to close him off from the outside world so he doesn’t get distracted when I’m feeding him in public.” The Mommy also mentioned that she knows of nursing working moms who have used the Bebe au Lait to cover up when they are pumping in the back of their cars in the office-parking garage. She also called it a giant boob tent, but that may have been off the record.

While I can’t review the product from the point of view of someone who has used it, I will add that I feel like by this point I know what kind of taste The Mommy has and she enjoys the Bebe au Lait for an additional reason other than the fact that it is practical. She likes the “good quality fabric and beautiful designs.” I knew she was going to say that. I also knew she was going to say, “It makes me want one in every style and design.” Sadly, we are going to be weaning LTD in the near future, so LTD’s college fund is safe for now.

Yo Baby Yo

Last week The Mommy green lit the addition of yogurt to the baby’s food palette. The results from this grand experiment have been mostly positive with the only draw back being the mess. I would say that LTD had a hard time dealing with the new texture of yogurt, which for lack of a better word is slimy, but he kept wanting more. In the beginning, he would make a slight gagging face after each spoonful and then lick his entire mouth and chin. Now he seems used to yogurt and enjoys it quite a bit. We have been giving him Stonyfield’s YoBaby because it is made with whole milk. The Mommy informed me that babies need only whole milk, which was hard for me to find in yogurt form since most of the products I saw in the store were no fat or reduced fat. Unlike me babies need all the calories they can get since they grow like weeds especially in the first two years. The Mommy also told me that the little guy needs to eat a large amount of calories in a small amount of food, hence the whole milk.

On a separate note, LTD has taken to grabbing my nose when I feed him. After every bite he reaches out grabs my nose and then moves his finger up and down on my eyelashes. I have a team of experts analyzing this new behavior pattern and will keep readers posted on the outcome.

Fire in the Hole

The other day The Mommy and I were in the grocery store and took a stroll down the baby food aisle. We are always on the look out for new items that are age appropriate. LTD reaching nine months of age and his eight teeth have allowed us to expand his horizons. The time had arrived for the product known as teething biscuits. We picked up Healthy Times Biscuits For Teethers. With LTD strapped in to his high chair and the tray fastened we decided to see if he would enjoy a biscuit. The biscuit went right to his mouth, but it didn’t stay there long. He had no problem with the taste but the length and texture of the teether were too much for the little guy’s hands. Under different circumstances I don’t think the dropping of the biscuit would have mattered, but the kitchen floor provided an inhospitable environment for the biscuit. You see, the impact from the high chair sized drop caused the biscuit to turn into three sharp pieces of shrapnel. The Mommy, LTD and I decided that collectively we are not ready for biscuits and when we are he might eat them closer to the ground, much to the delight of the dog.

Product Review – Dr. Seuss Superbib

KISS. No, not the rock band and no, the thing you do with your lips behind the wood shed. KISS as in Keep it Simple Stupid. It is with that motto in mind that I present the Superbib by Bumkins. Sure the bib is waterproof, has a food catcher pocket and it comes in bright fun colors featuring childhood favorite Dr. Seuss, but what makes the Superbib, well super is that fact that the Velcro is on the side instead of in the back. This one little feature makes this bib so user friendly that The Mommy and I rarely use different ones. We have put the bib in the wash numerous times without damage or loss of effectiveness. Why am I so passionate all of a sudden about bibs? LTD is nine and half months now and new food is getting introduced at a rapid pace. A pace almost equal to the amount of food flying around. The dog is a happy but I am not. My only regret is that the Superbib doesn’t come in full body.

Please don’t do that at the Table

strain 6We have been feeding LTD in his high chair for awhile now, in fact he has grown quite comfortable in it, perhaps too comfortable. Often when we are feeding the little guy we have to stop and wait while he does his wicked business. Clearly there is something about the act of eating that makes him go number two. His forehead turns reddish purple and he makes the tell tale grunt indicating to all people that he is doing his part to keep the diaper companies in business.

LTDs feeding/pooing ritual has become so common that we now provide him with a newspaper and hold all his calls when he is at the ‘office’. What I really think is funny that we get into a grove feeding him and he is sucking down some apples and blueberries and all of a sudden we need to pause. Pause not for him to quietly reflect on his delicious meal, but a pause so he can look like he is turning into the hulk. Will the joys of parenthood ever stop?

Product Review – TinyDiner

p_tiny_features2The mess has arrived. Teeth are gnashed. Puffs fly freely. Pears fall. Water is spilled. Action must be taken, but how. I’ll tell you how, by using the Tiny Diner mat by Kiddopotamus. Sure LTD is in the high chair at home, but we have to be on damage control when eating at a restaurant or visiting friends and family. The TinyDiner is one of those products you appreciate because clearly someone put a lot of thought and experience into it. Unlike some products that don’t seem like they were designed by a human being for real world use, the TinyDiner is a game day player. The first thing you notice is that the mat has suction cups on the bottom to hold it in place when the little guy tries to yank it off the table. The mat is also washable and is made without BPA and other harmful leaching toxins. Perhaps the best feature is what I call the trap trench that hangs under the table and catches all the food bits. Lastly, the mat folds up (sort of neatly) for easy transport. My only sadness is that I would love to use the TinyDiner when I pig out, but I fear the stares I would attract would outweigh the joy I would feel by making a mess of myself.


LTD is in the infant car carrier for just a little while longer, that thing is getting heavy, and I still leave him in it when we put him in a shopping cart or go to a restaurant. Most restaurants have those new style wooden high chairs that the carrier sort of fits in, but not real well. In fact, sometimes we just put the carrier on top of the table and try not to get food on him. We have tried using the high chair upside down, but still the carrier never fits quite right on top. So it was with great excitement, perhaps too much excitement, that when we went to a restaurant recently they brought out the Koala Kare Infant Seat Kradle. Of course, I had never seen one before, but it turns out they are fairly common in national chain restaurants. carseatcarrier

The carrier sits in the Kradle like a glove and makes me sad that I didn’t know about it for 7 months. We are in that in between zone between car carrier and car seat and LTD really doesn’t fit into the restaurant highchairs yet. All of this is a moot point because or days of taking him to restaurants are numbered since he grows increasingly active and vocal. I vowed I would not be one of the parents that lets their kid scream while people are trying to eat. Of course, I’m pretty certain I will break that vow the second I don’t want to cook and eat at home.

Product Review – Space Saver™ High Chair

Space_Saver_High_ChairA few weeks ago two events collided and The Mommy and I needed to take action. First, the baby started eating solids and second, the baby started to pull himself out of the Bumbo seat. It was now time for a high chair. The Mommy did her research and it didn’t take long for me to start seeing dollar signs. In the end, we were in the weeds, all the cool high chairs were several hundred bucks and the cheap ones seemed obviously cheap, so we went to Buy Buy Baby to look first hand at our options. We went in thinking we would settle on a high chair, but instead we left with an unexpected treat, a low chair.

After speaking at length with the knowledgeable clerk he finally said, ‘why don’t you get the space saver model?’ We had used a version of the space saver high chair at grandma’s house and it worked high chariwell, but could we be so bold as to use one as our everyday high chair? Turns out we could. It was around fifty bucks and adjusts to fit him up through the toddler years. The space saver sits on a regular household chair and is fastened in place with two belts and LTD sits inside fastened in place with a five-point harness. On the occasions when we need to use the dinning room chair (for all the dinner parties we throw now that we have a 7 month old) the space saver unfastens quickly to be hidden in the closet. Do we regret not buying a stand-alone high chair? No, we do not.

Solid… Solid as a Rock

rock06For the past month, in addition to the sustenance The Mommy provides, LTD has been eating three solid meals a day. We are talking about mashed up versions of everyday favorites like pears, avocado, peas and cereal. Their are many benefits to eating fruits and vegetables, but one we never thought about would be what happens when LTD is done eating them. That’s right, I’m talking about waste or as the immature among you call poo. Before when he was exclusively on milk it was common for him to go number two once every 7-10 days, that cycle is way gone. Thanks to the new fuel supply and the binding agent known as a banana, LTD has been using his butt as a Play-dough fun factory.

Once every one to two days, the little guy produces a perfectly formed golf ball sized poo that is so easy to clean up it’s almost a joy. Unlike the milk-only mess, a diaper change now takes mere seconds, which works well considering squirmy mcsquirmison doesn’t sit still on the changing table anymore. The new poo situation also has the added value of occasionally being wicked funny as it is in the case of the little butt cheek imprints he sometimes leaves on the diaper flattened poo. Also, let’s not forget the face he makes when he is creating one of his masterpieces and the accompanying grunts that make us feel like we should be giving him privacy.