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Hand Out

icecream at the beachWell, it was bound to happen, but I hadn’t really every given it any thought. The other day, for the first time, LTD asked me for money. Like some many childhood moments that are out of my control once I lost 24 hour influence over him LTD found other sources to fill the void left by my not being able to go to camp and school with him. Just as I banned Power Rangers from the house for years only to have my law over turned upon interacting with school mates I have been drawn into the world of “the other kids are doing it” Every Friday, the camp goes to the beach and it would seem that anyone who brings some schmoola can take a trip to the overpriced snack bar. All this is a round about way of saying that LTD for the first time asked for money. Normally, I never has cash around but this day fortune smiled on the boy and I was able to give him some bucks for what at the time I assumed was going to be a healthy snack of kale chips. With a mandate not to lose the jewels off he went. After pick up on Friday it turns out that LTD had chosen ice cream and to hear the counselors tell it, got it everywhere but his mouth. I can only assume that now that he has gotten it out of his system he will no longer seek to go in my pocket for cash.

Book Review – Made with Dad

madedadSince The Mommy is the creative one when it comes making art projects with the boys, I need to turn to outside sources for assistance lest we get paint on the walls, each other and the dog (feel free to substitute glue or markers for paint). Chris Barnardo’s new book Made with Dad offers us projects in our wheelhouse but The Mommy is still in charge of the gluegun and iron. The projects range for arts and crafts and science to spaceships and ray guns. LTD gravitated towards the Dragon-hunter’s googles while I dug the helicopter even if mine version didn’t really look like the one in the book. The book really puts a modern spin on those old rainy day craft books from my youth. I’ll take a spaceship over soup can telephones any day.

Book Review – Shake to Assemble!

Shake to Assemble!There is something either sad or awesome about a book that we have read so much that BB knows all the words. Shake to Assemble! is such a book. The Avengers centered book allows the reader to assemble the Avengers by completing center tasks. Calliope Glass has written a fun tale featruing instructions on how to get the team together. Ron Lim & Richard Isanove provide some sick art. In order to get each hero you follow Hawkeye’s directions including tapping, shaking and blowing on the book. Be prepared for repeat readings as this book results in the request, “again.” Perhaps the best instruction comes last in order to finish assembling the Avengers you need the Hulk. Of course you only get Bruce Banner and you need to make him mad to see the Green Goliath. Unfortunately, we have a habit of reading the book at bedtime which doesn’t make for a great pre-sleep mood, but the book is too cool to say no to. And don’t worry (as always no spoilers) the Hulk doesn’t stay mad.

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Wet Hot American Summer

meatballsNow that LTD is out of school he has discovered a great place I like to call camp. He just had his first successful if all be it sunburned week and is having fun. However, the funny thing about camp for the first time that I forgot is that at first he didn’t understand what it was. Where are the teachers, classrooms and homework? That’s right buddy it’s suppose to be fun. From my point of view the best part of camp is that he comes home exhausted and goes to bed at a decent hour. I also like that they have reading time set aside every day. The only adjustment on my end is paying for it.

Book Review – The Alphabet of Bugs

bugsWe have a ton of books in our house I have no problem with that as LTD is reading well above his grade level and BB has plenty of pages to rip, but some of the books are frankly boring. That is why I am always pleased to find something truly interesting. The Alphabet of Bugs by Ann Cutting & Valerie Gates truly makes your eyes pop. The giant bright pictures of various insects followed by a letter based description makes for a non typical story time. Of course the difficulty level is challenging for those who find words hard to pronounce. Take the letter M for instance: Mason Wasp magnificently mimics Moccasin. Not for the faint of heart. And yes the book ends with a glossary so you can prove to the children that a Mason Wasp is a real bug. However, I do think I will need to get a Master’s degree to pronounce X for Xyleutes.

Happy Father’s Day

Fathers-Day-2015-WallpapersAs I experience another Father’s Day of trying to get at least one of the boys to take a nap I reflect on the only parenting advice that really matters: Make school lunches the night before. Happy Father’s Day.

Book Review – Chizi’s Tale

jones_photoAs much as I applaud the cause I will admit to a certain level of jealousy that I never published a book while 18 year old Jack Jones did. The story centers around an abandoned baby black rhino in a Zimbabwe wildlife park. The manager took the rhino home, naming him Chizi and raising him with his own family. While this cute, the real message is one about endangered species and poaching. However, the important information was slightly lost on my boys as a discussion of getting our own pet rhino was the main take away from the story. I was able to persuade them against it, and again I don’t want to spoil the books ending, by rereading the portion of the book about Chizi going back to the wild. I also like books that have a call to action showing kids what steps they can take to help and thankfully this books does included good information for the future without telling people where they can get their own rhino.


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