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Oral Cancer Awareness Month

oralcancSoon I will take LTD to see his first “real” baseball game and that reminded me that it is now Oral Cancer Awareness Month. What is the connection, you are wondering. Chew or as they used to call it when I was in school, dip. Great Expressions offers some tips:

As baseball season gets underway and millions of impressionable children are exposed to chewing tobacco, Great Expressions Dental Centers (GEDC) seeks to help parents raise awareness of the dangers of dipping, while providing the following tips to help prevent a life-threatening disease, oral cancer:

  • Get moving: An active lifestyle is known to boost the immune system and help ward off cancer. Get moving with your children by taking nightly walks or playing games outdoors.
  • Brush and floss daily: Children learn by observing. By brushing and flossing your own teeth regularly, your children will learn how to keep up with their own dental hygiene. Pack a dental kit in their backpack for easy brushing after lunch at school.
  • Educate: Have an open conversation with your children about the dangers of tobacco products and excessive alcohol use. Spend time educating them while they are young, so they will be less likely to experiment as they get older, reducing the risk of cancer.
  • Study your family tree: Review your family’s history of head or neck cancer and be sure to note any history at your child’s next dentist visit. This will allow your dentist to discuss preventive measures and keep an eye on any changes.

Burrito Battle

2012-5-14-Qdoba-01As BB has a very limited pallet (see problem eater) we go to qdoba a lot, so much so that they pretty much know us and give us the usual.  In fact we go so much that sometimes I don’t go even when hungry because I don’t want to be the guy who takes the kids to qdoba 7 days a week. However, the other day I cheated. a new Chiptole (or as the Nana says, Ch-poat-il) open nearby and so the family thought variety is the spice of life and we checked it out. Wow, did we make a mistake.
The list of anti-qdoba things was vast. In no particular order. Chipotle had no buster seats. The guacamole or as BB says, wack-mole cost extra. But the real thing that stuck in my craw was that their kids meal only covered two toppings forcing me to explain to a six and two year old what sophie’s choice was. Lastly, The Mommy felt the chips were stale and overly salty, but as I was so hungry I didn’t really notice. In conclusion, I will never stray again and now it’s time to get as BB says, “ricebeans”

Ikea recalls 27 million chests, dressers after two deaths

As BB is always climbing on furniture this is particularly important. Here.

SensorSafe child car seat helps prevent heatstroke death

Interesting Article. Click here.

Nearly half of kid’s car seats installed incorrectly

Please read article here.

Happy Father’s Day

Fathers-Day-2015-WallpapersAs I experience another Father’s Day of trying to get at least one of the boys to take a nap I reflect on the only parenting advice that really matters: Make school lunches the night before. Happy Father’s Day.

Pool Safety for Summer

I found this article scary but interesting. Here.

Toddler amputee zooms by parents in new prosthetic

Good luck not rolling a tear. Click here.

Ty Burrell helps raise awareness for Foster Care Month

Love Ty Burrell, nuff said.


Make Up Your Mind

kT857LXTrBB is developing quite the personality. Now that he is well into his twos he has been doing a lot of things for himself. However, some of the things he does border between the silly and the violent. He doesn’t really hit in the sense that he has malice a fore thought or a desire to hurt, but he hits because he thinks it’s funny. So on occasion he will slap or give a tap on The Mommy or my head and we of course immediately, say, no hitting etc. and then he will reply with, ‘want hug’ and he will hug the victim. Sadly, the cute factor is somewhat dulled by the fact that he now hits and then instantly says and gives a hug like he has made up his own sick game. I know he is terribly twoing, but I really hope this trend doesn’t follow him into adulthood, I wouldn’t want him ending up on Jerry Springer.