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The Tears of a Clown

baby cryingTurns out BB’s sign language lessons at preschool are working. Every time he hears a baby crying he lets out a chorus of “Baby Cry Cry” and then he puts his fingers on both sides of his nose, squeezes and laughs. All this is hysterical accept for the lack of empathy for the crying infant. After consulting his teachers, the sign for crying is to put your fingers under your eye and drag down. BB has interpreted this move as nose based instead of eye. Another side effect of hearing a baby sob is that BB says so few words that whenever he does it is akin to breaking news on CNN. The only problem that may be a slight concern is that he never says Baby Cry Cry without a huge grin on his face. Of course now the whole family is in on the action so babies beware if your tears are flowing you will hear a four people scream, Baby Cry Cry.

File Under “Cute”

stuffedRecently, BB has developed a new habit. Every time sees a plush or stuffed animal, especially teddy bears, he will hug it and squeeze it. I’m not talking Lennie from Mice and Men, but a pure sweet hug/squeeze of joy. Sometimes in his room he will do a dive hug into a larger stuffy and that is pretty damn cute. However, the cutest hug he does unfortunately is bittersweet.When he is crying pretty hard and in the throws of terrible twoing, he occasionally is comforted by a teddy and squeezes while still crying and it is enough to make one forget the headache his three hour crying jag has caused and go,”awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.”

Remember to ASK this Thanksgiving holiday

email_Brady-center-logoToday in America, one in every three households with children have guns. At the same time, nine children and teens are shot every day in gun accidents, often with a parent or relative’s gun.

This Thanksgiving, before you gather around the table with loved ones and friends, we at Brady encourage you to ASK the life-saving question — “Is there an unlocked gun where my child plays?”

This one simple question has the power to prevent unintentional shootings and is the centerpiece of Brady’s groundbreaking ASK (Asking Saves Kids) campaign which continues to gain momentum across the nation.

Through ASK, Brady is inspiring a new national conversation as we work to achieve a future where no child is killed by a gun in the home.

As we head home for the holidays, we should all be thankful that we have the power to keep our children safe from the dangers of unsafe access to guns.

Father sings to his dying newborn son

Good luck not rolling a tear on this one. here.

This Worksite has had 0 Days Without Accident

HYL-75101-5When LTD was around two we were told to get ready for a lot of bumps and bruises. This was under the umbrella of boys will be boys. However, LTD never really did get all that banged up and he wasn’t very physical in a way that would even result in the scraps of youth (telling him to be quiet was a whole other issue). Where LTD failed BB has taken on the challenge. Not only does that kid get a ton of bumps, scraps and bruises, but he seems to group them in spurts. At school we are asked to sign the incident report on a semi-daily basis, however a few of them are because another “friend” was at fault. You have to love picking him up and told that one of his friends bit him. BB’s favorite place, it seems, to get a nice bump is on his forehead or temple as he clocks himself on a table because of his near constant motion. He doesn’t really get all that banged up in the house or I would bubble wrap everything. Thankfully he hasn’t had any serious or even band-aid worthy bump, but it is sad to see how quickly his running laughter can turn to tears. 

You Know You Want To Push It

skullbttonFor BB’s first real Halloween at The Mommy’s office he took to it like a pro. Wearing the same lion costume that LTD donned at that age he ran everywhere without fear of the dark corners. He kept holding his plastic pumpkin candy holder and kept putting treats in it with precision (even if he won’t eat any of it, #IWon’tChew). However, all the cool things at the office party including the balloon room and Halloween movies might as well been invisible. Why? Because the only thing that he cared about was pressing the button on a skeleton in a casket that lit up and played spooky music. The good news is that we now have the answer to the question, does a toddler ever get tired of pressing a button to make a skeleton light up? Happy Halloween!

Evenflo Recall

careseatEvenflo to expand harness buckle recall
Evenflo has recently expanded its recall to address a safety defect regarding harness buckles to now include the “Embrace 35” rear facing infant car seat. The defect can cause the harness buckles on these seats to become difficult or impossible to unlatch. A sticking or stuck harness buckle in a rear facing infant car seat poses a significant safety risk to the child in the event of a motor vehicle crash or any other emergency situation where the infant must be quickly removed from the car seat.
Evenflo’s recall expansion addresses more than 202,346 infant seat buckles in the Embrace 35 model manufactured between December 2011 and May 2013. Evenflo previously recalled more than 1.3 million convertible and booster car seats for the same safety defect.
What does this mean for me?
Letting parents, guardians, and caregivers know about this recall is crucial, and you’re a large part of that. Your spreading the word about the harness buckle safety defect to your followers can make the difference in a child’s life. If their car seat is affected by this recall, parents are encouraged to contact Evenflo to get the free replacement buckle as soon as possible. Follow these steps:
• Contact Evenflo for instructions on how to obtain a free remedy for your child safety seat;
• Always properly restrain infants and children in a car seat or booster until the child is big enough to wear a seat belt properly;
• Assess the operation of your child safety seat harness buckle;
• Consider acquiring or using an alternative car seat for transporting children until your Evenflo seat is fixed;
• Install the replacement buckle on your Evenflo seat as soon as you receive it.
• Register your child safety seat and file safety complaints with NHTSA at safercar.gov.
Over 7.4 million car seats have been recalled due to this harness buckle safety defect, including Graco and Baby Trend models. Share this with your followers and friends and encourage those affected by the recall to reach out to Evenflo.

You can read the full recall report on our website SaferCar.gov.

DIY All Hallows Eve

legosSince The Mommy is once again making an awesome costume for LTD, I thought this was interesting.

Jenna Fernandes, CEO of CareBooker.com, the “Open Table” of family and pet care services, offers ideas for parents to help kids make their own popular Halloween costumes.

From the scariest villain to a classic super hero, here are the top 5 DIY trends in Halloween costumes for 2014:

  1. Frozen: There should be no surprise here. The Disney movie captured the hearts of millions of kids (and adults!). With Elsa costumes flying off the shelf, you may need to act fast on securing your little one’s costume before they sell out. You can make your own making a cape out of magenta fabric, using a blue princess dress and finish by styling your child’s hair in braids.
  1.  Maleficent: Disney’s evil queens never go out of style, and Maleficent is the next character to add to the iconic list of costumes. This one is easy to put together if you can’t find it in the stores – look for a long black dress, black crown, and wings.
  1.  The Lego Movie: Think colorful handmade cardboard boxes – this is something kids can help to make their Lego costume their own. Plus, it’s a great group costume idea!
  1.  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Not only is this nostalgic for parents, the new movie brought on a whole new generation of fans. Paint a disposable baking pan green for a makeshift shell and add a colored bandana around their head to complete the look.
  1. Spiderman/Captain America: Superheroes are a staple for any Halloween and this year is no exception.  Your little one wants to save the world – and this isn’t a bad thing! Here’s a tip – a lot of stores have Spiderman and Captain America Pajamas, so if you have young child that will be dressing up for Halloween, you may want to opt for the PJs rather than a full costume.  This keeps them warm and comfortable, and they will be ready for bed when you get home.

What if

what ifLTD has developed a very specific set of questions that he asks frequently, I mean very frequently the questions are all different but they all begin the same. “What if…” It doesn’t stop ever. The topics range from the ridiculous to the theoretical possibilities. He focuses a lot of brain power on the morbid, what if that person was dead, what if their head fell off, what if they came back as a zombie? Truthfully, I have no problem with the creepy stuff, it is the mundane that I am losing patience with. What if the car won’t start? What if we didn’t pick up Mommy? I find myself answering and then going down a rabbit hole of scenarios and end with an exasperated, “then that would be our new life and we would deal with it.”Sadly, it has reached the point where my blood pressure rises when I hear any sentence that starts with the chilling phrase, what if?


i-want-it-all-and-i-want-it-nowSince BB and LTD share a room and said room is basically the only place in the house that has a gate to keep BB from destroying the house, the boys spend a fair amount of time there. However, unless LTD is on the top bunk, BB follows him around with a case of, “I want that.” Anything that LTD picks up instantly becomes an object of desire for BB to possess immediately. As you can imagine this behavior has never resulted in anything other than both children screaming. My default statement is always to tell LTD to just give it to him and he will get bored and forget about it. Thankfully, LTD is pretty good about appeasement and is beginning to learn to just take the book or toy downstairs when BB isn’t looking. It makes me proud that LTD has figured out BB’s pattern of theft, but frustrated that he sometimes falls into the yank it back trap. And truthfully, he is right to be concerned because BB has a near perfect record of destroying anything that can be destroyed.