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Product Review – Frogglez

frogNow that BB is three, The Mommy and I figured it was time he learned to swim. Since he has watched LTD swim with goggles he wanted his own. The only issue was that even though he demanded googles he wouldn’t wear them. Of course one frustrated dad came up with a cool solution. Christian Hahn took the pain and the hair loss out of the google equation and came up Frogglez. And yes they float. Frogglez use a neoprene headstrap that uses easily adjustable velcro to allow for swimming without the screaming. Of course, I know what you are thinking, yes BB still screams in the pool but they are not screams of pain only screams of fun (fun that is for everyone outside of ear shot). Now if only the googles could teach him to swim I could save a fortune on lessons.

Product Review – Rockport Shoes

rockportNow that BB is way past allowing us to be in a stroller and way way past sitting still, I find that not only does my back constantly hurt but so do my feet. The Mommy has strict rules about what I can wear in public and shoes with holes do not make that list. Rockport’s Walk 360 Oxford handles two of my concerns. One they look cool and the sole has this special design that LTD thinks makes the shoes look like they are from the future. Secondly, they sport hard core cushioning so my dogs don’t bark when I spend all day chasing BB from one end of the Earth to the other. Additionally, they feature something I never knew I needed which is a good amount of breathability. How do I know this, you ask? Well, when I get home my socks aren’t drench in gross foot sweat which was a strong feature of my old shoes. Shoes are one of those things that you always forget are important like a good mattress, but now that I actually notice a different it is probably time to start paying more attention. Of course BB pretended to eat my feet the other day so maybe I won’t need shoes soon.

Product Review – Daddy Caddy

blue_1At two and half BB is still in diapers but slowly showing interest in potty training (did I say slowly?). In that regard I still need to remember to pack a few diapers and wipes when we are mobile. Since I am on the tail end of the baby stuff I no longer carry any diaper bag (much to The Mommy’s chagrin, but I do like things easy and quick. The hands-free Daddy Caddy is just the right size to handle my diaper situation without reminding me I still need to be in a diaper situation in the first place. The water resistant stealth design allows for the only things I need diapers and wipes plus a secret pocket for hand sanitizer.  I don’t need those diaper bags that look like swat gear to show I don’t have a mommy diaper bag, what I do need is one I can hide as I like to travel light.



Product Review – LabelWorks Safety Kit

labelmakerNow that LTD has started losing things not only at school but during aftercare I have leaned into labeling things with gusto. Epson’s battery powered LabelWorks Safety Label Kit creates hardcore labels in terms of durability, which is good because once a label starts to peel it never recovers. Of course none of this matters because LTD has taken over the situation after finding out that some of the labels glow in the dark. I like the ones that reflect for not losing the water bottle at night, but for him glowing in the dark has become a religion. Thankfully, I stopped him from labeling his brother. The label maker also includes a ton of symbols instead of just letters and again this setting has taken the device out of my hands and into LTD’s. Not sure if his bedroom is actually radioactive but it is now labeled as such. In theory it can be used to label items in the basement or garage for power outages, but since I can’t get it away from LTD I will just have to continue to stumble around in the dark looking for the breaker panel. And because it is designed as a safety label I can technically keep it away from The Mommy to prevent her from labeling baking or knitting supplies and the boys can keep labeling items as toxic.

Product Review – OSOM Box


Easier said than done as the saying goes. The OSOM Box is really a kid product for parents. As anyone alive on Earth knows, no matter how much we try to avoid it, people are constantly staring at our iPhones. Two Minnesota dads wanted to give parents a simple tool to allow us to put down our phones and actually make eye contact with one another. The concept could not be more simple yet there is an elegance in the clean lines of a box designed to save us from ourselves. The idea is to place your phone inside (don’t worry you can still charge it) and then enjoy some phone free time in front of the TV. I’m kidding of course but not only does the box create a safe no excuses place for you distraction device but in theory if you use it you won’t use lose your phone as that one person in your family who always exclaims, can you call my phone, I can’t find it. As in the beginning it is easier said than done, but a noble cause.

Product Review – Kid lid

KidLidMockup6Every time BB acts out I always say he is “terrible twoing.” One of his most recent
demonstrations of just how much frustration he feels about not getting his way is to grab any piece of technology you show him. He can no longer be shown an iPhone photo without  wanting to posses it as if he wants his soul back. Any time we are trying to use skype or talk to Nana he again demands possession of the phone or laptop. It is almost as if other people were experiencing the same hardships when they created the Kid lid. The BPA-free laptop cover is designed to protect your tech from the devastation that is wrought by youngsters. The board is trifolded so you can carry it as easily as you would a laptop. Of course one still needs to worry about dirty figure prints on the screen because no kid can look at picture online of a lion without touching it. NO KID. The cover is also simple which is always a plus as whenever designers trick things out for kids they always break. Now the only problem is that my skype keeps freezing.

Product Review – Play Mat Shirt

etsy2The Grandma got me something cool for the holidays but sometime there is a price to be paid for cool. She found a shirt on etsy that has a track for Matchbox cars on the back. Once you put it on you are forced to lie face down while the children drive on you. It is pretty cool and if you trick your brain enough it feels like a day at the spa with hot stone massage, however the price spoken of earlier involves the carpet not being vacuumed enough. This one of the products that I secretly hate because it falls into the category of “I should have thought of that.” 

Product Review – Elektrokidz


We recently had BB evaluated based on our Pediatrician’s recommendation, but BB isn’t really delayed so the team told me they were not needed. However, the physical therapist commented on his high energy level and that we needed to keep him active. As we don’t have a lot of room in our condo it was time to boogie. Elektrokidz look like troll dolls from the fads of decades past, but no troll ever shook their money maker like these guys. They come in 6 different styles including silver and gold all with funky hair. When you crank up the tunes the little guys dance (or more accurately their hair dances) to the beat. No two dance alike and don’t get me started on what happens if their hair touches each other. I’m not sure how long these bad boys will hold BB’s attention but for now he is moving and grooving. 

Product Review – Organic Slammers

slam While we are almost done the now lengthy process of weaning BB off of baby food, the convenience of packets make it hard. Every parent knows that if you don’t have snacks handy for the little ones things can go south but quick. As with most parent developed products they usually always fit the bill. Organic Slammers pouches come in four flavors: Epic, Awesome, Chillin and Pumped (yes, I know those words aren’t flavors) The translation is Orange-Mango, Super Berries, Banana-Berry, and Tropical Banana Bread. As long time Beyond the Car Seat readers know The Mommy is all organic, but I am about what is easier. Many of the quick kid snacks are not organic so it is nice to have a handy alternative. Unfortunately, when LTD first was introduced to pouch snacks the family took to calling them goo so now when he wants pouches he asks for goo, which is fine as long as no one else hears, but that is not always the case. The Slammers have the added benefit of preparing the boys to feed me when I’m old and (I assume crooked) nursing home bound.

Product Review – Deck Wireless Speaker

soldeckAs BB enters the terrible twos we have tried many things to chill him out and have even resorted to LTD singing, which actually works. However, since we don’t love LTD’s singing as much as BB seems to, we have turned to Sol Republic’s DECK wireless speaker. Of course, LTD digs it because it looks like it is from the future, but the wireless feature is a first for us. In the past the small speakers we used in the kids room met a cruel fate at the hands of BB, the destroyer of all things that can be destroyed. The Mommy has been using Heist mode to pair and steal my playlist and replace with hers, let’s just say that BB has been listening to a lot more Adele than before. We mostly use it in the kid’s room, but the speaker features an outdoor boost that we haven’t tried but LTD keeps talking about it since it sounds like turbo boost. Also, BB doesn’t make a lot of conference work calls from home but the DECK does work as a speaker phone. Needless to say we have come a long way from my Mickey Mouse record player.