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Product Review – Snuggle-Pedic

LTD isn’t exactly a prima-donna but he has become more demanding as he has grown. In that regard he wanted a proper pillow. After several attempts and complaints we tried the Snuggle-Pedic Memory Foam pillow. It was love at first site especially since it pops up out of it’s vacuum shipping package. I guess one of the common complaints of foam pillows is that they get hot and make you sweat. However, this bad boy just keeps popping up and so far has remained cool, I speak to how long it will last against LTD’s drool. LTD moves all over the place while sleeping and the snuggle part of the pillow’s name gets a workout, but again it keeps popping up. Now the only issue I foresee is when The Mommy steals it since anything with bamboo satisfies her eco-friendly nature.

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