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Product Review – Ice Cream Mix

Thanks to the heat advisories it is not just the rain that keeps us indoors on some summer days. In that regard, the boys need to be occupied a for a bit if the iPad battery needs charging. We often turn to crafts or board games. However, when the subject of baking comes up they always are interested but it can be difficult to find something suitable. We turned to The Curious Creamery’s Ice Cream Mix. We simply added milk and the packet and whipped. I confessed we didn’t use mixer as recommended but a wisk and I feel we suffered no ill effects. After mixing, you put in the freezer for a few hours.  The only other instructions suggest to add any mix ins you want. In our case after some debate I allowed m&ms as the less crazy options based on the kids demands. Now I know what your’re thinking, this is America and it is pretty easy to buy ready made ice cream why make it? I agree and wouldn’t not advise making your own ice cream unless you either had kids or lived on Mars.

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