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Book Review – School’s First Day of School

I know what you’re thinking, BB can’t really be going to Kindergarten in September. Believe it because it is happening. As we begin to ease him into the task at hand we have been reading school readiness books. Adam Rex’s new book featuring art by Christian Robinson employs a fresh take on the back to school genre. School’s First Day of School focuses on the school itself as it gets ready for the first day. Newly built¬†Frederick Douglass Elementary is curious about what is going to happen. Initially, the school bonds with the janitor and though him learns about the children. The story deals with the hardships that accompany the first day of school but…and as usual, I won’t spoil the ending, the everything works out in the end. Since the point of view is from the school one of the funny aspects is that the kids naturally go everywhere and touch everything which upsets the school. BB of course enjoys it when the school gets milk on it from a laughing kids nose. Hopefully, the tale will help BB with any first day jitters.


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