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Book Review – Microsaurs: Tiny-Raptor Pack Attack

After reading the first Microsaurs book LTD asked for more but we had a discussion about patience instead. Now that he has read volume two he was able to leave me alone with his demands.┬áDustin Hansen’s second Microsaurs tome Tiny-Raptor Pack Attack (say that ten times fast) was devoured by LTD (no pun intended). The story follows on Danny and Lin as they not only know about the existence of little dinosaurs but take care of them as well. However, as the source of all drama is conflict soon additional tiny dinos arrive and high jinks ensue. The story also features cartoon drawings of the action which seems to be all the rage these days if judging LTD’s reading selection is any indication. The video game parallels are easy to make but I dig the premise as it feels original. Of course with stories of this nature I need to field inquires about the possibility of the kids obtaining little dinosaurs.

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