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Book Review – Disaster Diaries: Robots

With Summer reading upon us and LTD looking for source material so he can fill out his online library form. As long time Beyond the Car Seat readers know all to well LTD digs robots. In that regard, R. McGeddon series Disaster Diaries features a tale devoted to the subject. As a side note, I feel like a pen name is being used by the author. The tale focuses on friends Sam, Emmie and Arty and the creation of a science fair robot. A subject that LTD is always thinking about with me always explaining we would need serious help to make that dream come true. The robot, Charles turns out not to be so good at his chore helping (the reason he was created) but instead malfunctions. With the series highlighting the word disaster it is not surprise that the robot tries to destroy the whole town. One thing leads to another and soon enough a whole robot army is in play. I won’t spoil the ending but I think you can guess it doesn’t become a dystopian cautionary tale. The book also features a few illustrations to help BB keep up as I felt it was important for him to also use this survival guide.


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