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Book Review – Daddy Depot

Never one ignore a book with a dad related central theme, BB has been enjoying Chana Stiefel new book, Daddy Depot with illustrations by Andy Snair. The tale focuses on Lizze who despite loving her dad feels he has a few negative qualities that warrant at least a search for a new and improved model. When it comes to her attention that the new store, Daddy Depot may offer the perfect answer she investigates. BB is particular found of the book because one of Lizzie’s complaints is that her father tells the same lame dad jokes over and over something BB has accused me of. Of course while the dad’s for sale at the store seemed cool there was always an issue. Rocker Dad had bodyguards keeping loved ones at arms length etc. As usual, I won’t spoil the ending but I’m guessing you can figure out which dad Lizzie ends up with (can you even imagine how dark the book would be if she didn’t). As we read the book right before bed and he is sleepy, thankfully, BB has never asked if he can go to the store to get my replacement.


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