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Never Felt Better

Thanks to The Mommy’s artistic and creative talents the boys are always up for a good craft project. And I am up for anything that doesn’t involve glue or my sons using the tape dispenser. Since the Spring weather has been unseasonable chilly we have been experiencing screen overload while they are stuck inside. One project that LTD has been doing really well is┬áMarvel Universe Felt. The kit comes with 10 cool characters, the felt sheets, needle, floss and stuffing. BB has been waiting not so patiently for the Hulk and Iron Man to be finished. He hasn’t quite masted the fine motor skills needed for the needle work but LTD isn’t half bad. Thankfully, The Mommy is supervising or I’m sure we only have mutant version of these popular heroes with some being wicked fat with stuffing while others would be pancake flat. So far the family favorite is Captain America as he seems the most cheerful.

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