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Book Review – Star Wars Builders

LTD is always up for a good project, but I am not always up for spending a lot of time being his slave. However, both boys are like most humans alive on the planet big Star Wars fans and so projects marrying those worlds are welcome. The Star Wars Builders series of books offers a choice to build some models and avoid the glue. These paper models come in sheets that you punch out and slot the pieces together. The boys have been digging the Droids but there are also Star Fighters and the Millennium Falcon. Additionally, the sets come with an accompanying book offering details and facts about R2 and X- Wings. I will caution that you either need The Mommy or a lot of patience as some of the pieces, especially the ones that need to be bent, can be challenging to assemble. You also need to supervise the pieces as they are taken off the sheet, since the slots will tear if not treated with respect.

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