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Book Review – Chizi’s Tale

jones_photoAs much as I applaud the cause I will admit to a certain level of jealousy that I never published a book while 18 year old Jack Jones did. The story centers around an abandoned baby black rhino in a Zimbabwe wildlife park. The manager took the rhino home, naming him Chizi and raising him with his own family. While this cute, the real message is one about endangered species and poaching. However, the important information was slightly lost on my boys as a discussion of getting our own pet rhino was the main take away from the story. I was able to persuade them against it, and again I don’t want to spoil the books ending, by rereading the portion of the book about Chizi going back to the wild. I also like books that have a call to action showing kids what steps they can take to help and thankfully this books does included good information for the future without telling people where they can get their own rhino.


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