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I’ll Have What He’s Having

tux2A few weeks ago, LTD, after reading what I assume was an issue of GQ, decided that he had to dress like me. Not a big deal on the surface and sweet that he wants to be like Daddy. However, LTD did not want to capture the spirit of my clothes rather he wanted to dress exactly like me. This involved not only being inspired by my daily choice but trying to influence my wardrobe. Sure he has a few belts and some cargo pants, but most of clothes don’t sync in the literal way LTD does things. As he tried to dress like me he would not only get frustrated, but attempt to rig the game. First he would ask me what I was wearing or going to wear and when he quickly realized he didn’t have the same outfit would try and get me to change my choice. So what started as a sweet tale of copycat coolness to be shared at Father’s Day events in the future devolved into temper tantrums and us being late every morning. Thankfully, like most of LTD’s phases past and it is like it never happened. Can’t wait to embarrass his college buddies by showing up to parent’s weekend wearing a backward baseball hat and board shorts.

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