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Product Review – Ultrasonic Air Humidifier

duxxWinter is taking a toll on BB his skin is getting eczema and even though the heating system in our place suffers from a lack of quality the air is still dry as a bone. In terms of humidifiers the kind that take filters are particularly bothersome to me. I always forget to change them because they are hard to find and expensive. Duux’s energy efficient Ultrasonic Air Humidifier, in addition to making the room look like it is from the future, requires no filter as it generates that cool mist that prevents the boys from hacking in their sleep. The Mommy digs it because it features an auto shut off and because it has a built in nightlight, LTD thinks it’s a robot. Of course, I think it is cool, no pun intended, because it doesn’t make a lot of noise like the humidifier in our room that The Mommy uses on max which sounds like a plane landing on my face. The internal water tank lasts 8-10 hours which I wish was how long the boys slept.

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