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Book Review – Stress Free Kids

Adobe Photoshop PDFIn a way things today are a lot easier for kids in terms of no spanking and the iPad, but they have to deal with things we never really had like constant testing in school and over scheduling. Lori Lite’s book, Stress Free Kids examines the different pressures children face and offers instructions to steer parents in a helpful direction (and to not add to the stress). She offers exercises in breathing, relaxation and positive reinforcement. One of the things that I liked was her real world situations chapters including holidays, death and terrorism. As LTD is really into Yoga he already “practices” some breathing, but then again we haven’t taken a plane trip with him yet. The book also covers traveling and sports so we are getting ready for potential future trouble spots. Interestingly, she adds sections on diet, exercise and how to deal with anger so her advice can work in the real world. BB is taking a nap as I write this or I’m sure I would have more tension filled words.

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