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The Force is Strong with This One

star wars readsLast year, The Mommy took LTD to a few of our local libraries for Star Wars Reads Day and they had a great time. This year I was able to go with them to Stars Reads II and bring BB to get in on the action. We hit pay dirt at the Fairfield, CT library where the staff went all out. Not only did the librarians dress up, but they had a ton of cool activities for the boys to enjoy. BB wasn’t particularly happy that we made him a set of Yoda ears, but LTD went nuts with the home made light saber. What was really great was that most of the librarians really got into it making the kids feel like it was okay that they dressed up in public. The highlight was the Admiral Akbar snack bar with Wookie cookies and Yoda Soda. When an event is done right it really makes you happy to be part of such a good community in which people have a sense of wonder and adventure. Not to mention the sound like a Wookie contest they held.


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