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Product Review – SOL REPUBLIC

sol republicOne of my favorite things to do is watch Netflix in bed when everyone is asleep. Of course this means headphones. I have never felt comfortable or enjoyed wearing in ear phones and thus seek out traditional cushiony headphones. Tracks V8 headphones by SOL REPUBLIC make sense when you got young kids, who don’t really want you to enjoy watching Man of Steel wicked loud, because one of their main features is the headband listed as “virtually indestructible,” I mean this thing really twists and bends plus you can swap it out for a different color. Another cool feature that is also necessary when you have hyper youngsters or a baby that wakes up frequently during the night is the “single button mic + music control” which I use almost exclusively to pause my movie (at the good part) to calm a crying toddler. As I previously mentioned, since I’m in bed watching movies that The Mommy doesn’t care for and the kids aren’t old enough for the last thing that I think about is the hardcore bass that I dig during said nonfamily Expendables/high-body-count type movies. However, my new pastime could also be the reason I don’t sleep anymore since I added the HBO and Showtime apps to my phone, but publicly I will still blame the kids.

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