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Narrates the movie

nARRatesThankfully, this mostly happens in the car on long trips and not at home. When he is watching a movie in the car with headphones, I guess he feels bad that we are up front and can’t watch because, he narrates the entire movie to us. Of course, since his headphones muffle his ears he yells scenes from the movie at us which echo nicely off the car glass. If he fully understood that The Mommy and I use the time that he watches a movie to listen to an audio book or god forbid actually have an adult conversation with each other from start to finish he might not feel the need to share the movie with us. However, the enthusiasm with which he tells us the complete play by play of what is happening during Monsters University suggests that he truly feels bad we are missing it. Another fun car movie trait he displays is that about 20 minutes before the movie ends he announces he is done and no longer wishes to watch. Can’t stress how uncool that is considering the whole point of the car movie is to distract him for as long as possible. Can’t wait until BB is old enough for them to fight over the movie selection.

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