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Book Review – The Senory Child Gets Organized

sensoryThe term ADD gets thrown around a lot, but even if it is overused we can agree that some children have atypical learning styles or personalities that require a little more attention in certain areas of development. Carolyn Dalgliesh’s book, The Sensory Child Gets Organized: proven systems for rigid, anxious, or distracted kids offers advice and tips in order to “teach parents how to tap into systems, routines, and visual aids to organize and empower their rigid, anxious, or distracted kids. As a huge believer in the importance of good routines one of the main focus of the books involves advice on setting up structures and routines for the sidetracked child. I also liked that she addresses situations and reactions that you just know will come up after you implement some of these new strategies (in other words she deals with ‘feelings/tantrums’). As in the case with another helpful book, 1-2-3 Magic, the goal is to spend less time struggling with your kids so that you can actually spend time enjoying each others company.

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