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Book Review – Spelling Works

spelling_cover_webNow that LTD is doing what Huck Finn used to call “book learn’” I have so far been able to help him with his spelling as most of the words are, as you can imagine, short. However, since I am a horrible speller I have turned to Jim Halverson’s kid friendly book, Spelling Works. Long time teacher, Halverson features the methods and exercises he has had success with in the real world. His goal is to get beyond mere memorization and have the children do exercises that play into a larger story. And yes before you remind me, yes the book also has spelling mazes. Of course, I have turned to the book for the rules that I can never ever seem to remember like the silent e rule and apostrophes. He also places a premium on being able to spell in the modern world so you can correct auto-correct. The book is a little above LTD’s current pay grade but great for my refresher course. And yes The Mommy will be teaching him math because if you think I’m a bad speller wait till we get to algebra.

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