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Better in Theory

beets and fishOccasionally, The Mommy will have fish for dinner, a nice piece of Salmon, and LTD will ask for some and have a little taste. He eats a few bites, but his interest in fish is more curious than love. However, he would tell anyone who asked that he does eat fish so it is misleading. The other day, while grocery shopping, we past the seafood section and of course LTD announced that he wanted fish for dinner. Hey why not, so I got him the smallest piece of Salmon they would give me. The shopping experience got stranger when we hit the vegetable section. He saw the bright purple beets and wanted them. They came four to a pack and even though it looked messy the packaged was hermitically sealed, so again I thought why not. That night at dinner I cooked the fish and cut up one beet into small pieces. We insisted that he take off his shirt and I believe we even through a bib on him. Needless to say the grand experiment ended pretty much as quickly as it started. While he didn’t spit the beets across the room, he voted to not finish a second bite. As for the fish, he took a few bites, but his heart wasn’t in it. In the end, you have to be impressed with his curiosity and follow through while you order a pizza.

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