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At the Car Wash

homerobotWhen LTD was younger the Car Wash was to be feared and respected. We always got out of the car and watched it go through. However, as he grew he would tell me he wanted to go to the car wash and ride through. We would go back and fourth with round after round of me saying, are you sure? and him saying he wanted to do it. Of course, every time I would believe him because he was so emphatic and right as we were about to go through he would flip out big time and I would have to call an audible. Okay, truthfully, this only happened twice, but it was a pain because I had to also take BB out. I think part of the problem is that one of the car wash’s near us feature creepy looking mannequin washer statues that he is afraid of and curious about at the same time. So I have learned my lesson and we don’t go to the car wash that often with my standard explanation that they are closed.  In terms of BB, I went through when he was really little and he was probably asleep because I assumed it would be okay when I went through the other day and while he didn’t flip out per say, he definitely had what can only be described as a look of panic on his face. Thankfully, the trip was quick because between the noise and the rough scrubbers I think he would have hit DEFCON 1 if we stayed any longer. All this is a long way of saying, yes my car is dirty. 

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