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Time and Place

georgesgirlfriendsseinfeldI love that LTD is learning to read and really happy that he is excited about spelling and writing. However, the following I could have done without. Last night about two bites into dinner, LTD asked to be excused to go to the bathroom (#2). Since this happens all the time during dinner like Pavlav’s dog we told him of course he could go. A few moments later he walks out completely naked and asks what S-A-L-E spells. We figured that he was reading a catalog, but nothing explains why he took his shirt off to go potty. His personal game of Wheel of Fortune kept going two more times as our dinner was interrupted by a naked child asking what different words from magazines and catalog covers meant. In the future, all we can hope is that during school spelling bees he at least tries to keep his clothes on.

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