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The Rules No Longer Apply

keep-calm-im-officially-on-vacation-modeMuch like society during an episode of The Walking Dead, while on family trips LTD switches into what I call vacation mode. This setting is mostly known for one feature, bad behavior. On our recent Thanksgiving travels LTD was swinging for the fences in a quest to earn the award for worst behaved kid. Not only is he now old enough to chime in with the prerequisite car phrase, are we there yet? But he also seemed to fully understand that with the baby and the new settings it would be harder for us to enforce our household rules. He was daring us to give him a timeout in his room when he knew we were no where near his room. He seemed to relish in getting in trouble and pushing our buttons. I can’t tell you how many times The Mommy and I had to take a deep breath and utter Let’s Reset. Thankfully, by the end of our multi-state excursion he basically ran out of bad behavior and was forced to be good. I will chalk it up to the usual hungry/tired combo with a dash of off the routine-itis. Can’t wait until BB is old enough to join his brother in trying to break my will during long trips.

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