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Product Review – Fisher-Price Bedtime Peppa

$(KGrHqV,!k8FIf2CDoQFBSMSnm32lg~~60_35 Disclosure: I received complementary Peppa Pig products in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

The Nick Jr. episodes maybe only five minutes long, but as a rule we try and get BB to sleep way longer then that. Of course, we are having some trouble in that department, so we have turned to Bedtime Peppa, a stuffy that sings sweet lullabies. The catch is, she sings them when you put her on her side to go to bed. When you pick her up after night-night she wakes up by making pig sounds and laughing. During bed time he cheeks glow a subtle pink to ease the little ones off to cloud 9. Peppa also comes with a small blanket to demonstrate proper night time procedures. Since the goal is to try and get BB to go down to sleep on his own you can exit the room under the excuse that if you stay the lullabies will get stuck in your head (and we can’t have that).We used the sleep sheep with LTD, but after many years of constant use it moved on to a better place. It is nice to have night time sounds in the room again.

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