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Product Review – Boogie Mist

duoIt is not great that BB doesn’t sleep through the night and it’s not great that there are many reasons for that. However, one thing that tends to keep him up is his perma-cold caused stuffy nose. And when it comes to stuffy noses this household turns to saline spray. And this household also likes to use silly words (okay, just some of us). Boogie Mist gently sprays saline into a child’s nose and unclogs the plumbing. The saline is not treated and is natural, but unlike some other saline sprays Boogie Mist features a Schnozzle instead of a nozzle which is scented. The cool thing about saline sprays is that you can use them frequently so like most meds you don’t need to watch the clock to deliver another dose. Most kids react pretty strongly to having sprays shoved up their nose, but Boogie Mist name alone goes a long way to getting a kid to sit still while you spray.

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