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Product Review – Baby Mantra 3 in 1

3-in-1_new_pic_newNow that the boys are taking baths together water is flying everywhere as they both engage in vigorous splashing. I mean come on you think a four year old is just going to ignore it when a baby splashes him? And what is a bath without bubbles. “3-in-1” BubbleBath, Shampoo, and Wash by Baby Mantra keeps things simple and allow us to set up a one stop shop to get the kids clean while we dodge streams of water flying at us. The all natural toxin and dye free suds aren’t laced with bubble making chemicals so you need to insert the liquid directly into the running water. The shampoo/wash features a subtle lavender scent and Aloe. One of the reasons I like all in one’s so much as that with the kids messing around in the tub so much that I forget to actually wash them, but with all the bubbles I figure they are getting clean through osmosis.

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