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On The Contrary

oppositeFor a while now, LTD has been perfecting his ability to annoy The Mommy and me in a very specific way. He says the opposite of whatever we say in a failed attempt to be funny. He says the opposite almost on automatic pilot when asked questions like, do you like dinner or today it’s raining? It also comes into play when you aren’t even addressing him for instance if I say I like this ice cream, he chimes in with no you don’t like it. This very frustrating pattern is even more frustrating because he thinks it’s so funny and it is so not. In the beginning I would try and trick him up by saying the opposite first, but now I just put a stop to it immediately as it is the verbal equivalent of a finger poke to the eye. Thankfully, he doesn’t do it all the time and we have pretty much cracked down so hard that it is effectively banned, but man-o-man is it frustrating.

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