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Don’t go Chasing Waterfalls.

Boy-spitting-water-MG-6359Amazingly, BB has picked his approaching first birthday to get his first year molars. When you look at these square bad boys erupting from his swollen gums you just know the whole thing is unpleasant. You also know that BB chooses to spread that unpleasantness around by having his nose constantly run and water (drool) to flow voluminously and freely from his gaping maw. He goes through about two shirts a day as he just drenches them by the time you have pulled his arms through the sleeves. Of course you also have to change shirts during the day if you accidentally pick him up and hold him. But BB is nothing if not thorough so just to make sure everything in his vicinity is covered with liquid he will occasionally take his always inserted finger out of his mouth and take a nice line of drool and make it fly through the air.

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