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Sure I Washed My Hands

fingers-in-mouthRecently, BB has discovered a new game of sorts. Whenever I am near him he likes to put his fingers in my mouth. So what’s the game you ask? I’m not sure how he keeps score but it feels like he is giving himself one point to stab my gums with his fingernail, two points if he can make me choke and three points to full on fish hook my cheek. Setting aside the grossness of how unclean his fingers are the real problem is that his new activity hurts. He especially loves playing when he is in the front carrier. He wiggles an arm free and up in order to hook my lip when I least expect it. We may need to take him to a specialist as he seems to laugh the more I yelp in pain. Thankfully with the winter’s fast arrival his weapons will be covered in mouth safe mittens.

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