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99 Steps 2The Mommy and I had a discussion about putting up the huge gate again for BB. Our decision was that the gate really cut the living room in half and was pretty cumbersome. However, we may need to modify our plan and get a gate for just the stairs. Why? Because BB is what they call mission specific. When placed on the ground anywhere on the first floor he immediately and quickly races to the stairs and begins his ascent. The only exception to his quest lies in the brief distraction of being placed next to his toy kitchen or a pile of toys. Of course, after a short spell he remembers that his mission is to climb the stairs and he makes a bee line for the steps. And yes, after he climbs the first few he stops and looks back with a devils grin to suggest that he knows he is getting away with something. He is so consistent with his stair goal that I am trying to figure out a way to generate electricity like a hamster in a wheel, but so far have been unsuccessful in my power venture. And yes, we do stand behind him while he climbs to the top and then bring him back down to start the process over.

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