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Snikt Part II

a4772wolverine1The other day after successfully doing good listening and making good choices, LTD was granted permission to get an item from the toy closet. He selected a Wolverine action figure (that I had purchased from the Target clearance rack two years prior). While he was playing with said Wolverine figure he made an unprovoked announcement. “I don’t like wolverine cause he wears a tank top, I only like guys who wear long sleeves. But I only like wolverine cause he is a superhero.” On first blush it would appear that the boy has strong feelings about the way comic characters should dress, but as every BTCS reader knows, LTD is passionate about clothes. However, upon realizing that he was being critical of Logan he added that he did like him. I think it was good that he ended on a positive note as to not offend the X-Man, after all Wolverine is the best he is at what he does.

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