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Product Review – SpeedOut

speedtAfter we got out the baby toys so BB could enjoy them, I quickly remembered that most of them take a lot of batteries and I needed to once again find the small screwdriver to open the compartment. I also quickly remembered that the tiny screws strip all the time and cause me to use words in front of the kids that are best suited for when they are more mature. SpeedOut is a stripped or damaged screw extractor that makes it possible for the baby’s toys to remain fully operational and beep annoyingly long into the night. You take the SpeedOut bit and put it in an ordinary drill then set to reverse to extract the stripped screw. If I was an infomercial I would say, Yes, folks it’s just that easy. I was thinking about how all the tiny toy screws do tend to strip and maybe they do that on purpose so that you can tell your kids the batteries can’t be changed and you will just have to play without the annoying beeps. Oops, best keep SpeedOut a secret.

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