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Product Review – HALO Sani-CUFFS


As Rob Stark would say (before the red wedding that is) winter is coming. Since the boys seem to have perma-colds and constantly dripping noses the season of hand sanitizer is upon us. Of course it seems like you have sanitizer around when you need it. That has changed with the HALO Sani-CuFFS wristbands which dispense clean goo right from your wrist. The bands feature different colored characters like Binky, Foxy and Panda. You take the included bulb, then fill the wristband (.5 oz) and hope the kid doesn’t squirt it on his brother. My point is that the wristband does make you look like a superhero, but with great power comes great responsibility in the form of being mature enough to keep from constantly squeezing out sanitizer. An interesting side note, the bands were developed by students and teachers in Queens. You can fill the applicator with any sanitizer you choose, but HALO makes an alcohol free version sold separately. However, I am still waiting for them to develop a way to keep the boy from wiping his nose on his sleeve.

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