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Open Up

TRexFieldMuseumBB has a new habit that I don’t remember LTD having, unless I blocked it out on purpose, and I’m not loving it. BB won’t eat solid food but he does try and eat me. Any time I lie on the floor to watch him or play with him at some point he will crawl on me and head for my face. Like a python he opens his mouth to full maw and tries to either eat my nose or chin. One time I was on side, which turned out to be a mistake, and he saw a rare opportunity to hit a normally tough target, my ear. I’m not sure which was grosser the amount of drool he deposited in my lobe or the sound he made while doing it. Okay, the drool was definitely grosser. I don’t know what it is about my face that he finds so tasty but I need to bottle it and pour it on some real food to try and get this kid to eat solids soon or else we’re going to have to order a copy of, How to Raise a Well-Adjusted Cannibal.

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