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Like Gag me with a Spoon: The Next Generation

breadcrumbs2All know well BB’s reluctance to consume solid food and everyone knows this kid’s gag reflex has a hair trigger. However, the nutritionist wanted him to eat solids asap but that did not go well. After our 9/10 month appointment and a nice conversation with our doctor he explained that it doesn’t make sense to force solids on him if all he is going to is puke. He suggested doing it very slowly and that like all things it would take time. So every now and then we try different items in an attempt to get BB to use all those teeth he got so early. It looks like we will have to wait a little longer. Last week we went to dinner at Cosi and as I held BB on my lap I placed a single bread crumb on his tongue and figure that would be okay. I figured wrong as the little guy proceeded to heave up an earlier meal on both of us. Of course a few years ago this would have put me off dinner, but I was hungry and this wasn’t my first rodeo. I guess BB won’t be eating turkey this Thanksgiving.

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