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The Password is Open, Sesame

il_570xN.463784834_69xvA few months ago, around 6am, I was fast asleep when I was startled awake by a shove from a tiny hand. I was so jolted I almost punched the shadowed figure in front of me. Once I shook the cobwebs from my mind I learned something. LTD can open the gate to his room. Truthfully, we had a good run and his lock picking skills took a while to develop. Now every morning he pokes me to ask for the iPod or just to tell me that he is up. I guess I should be glad he doesn’t make mischief or draw things on my face, but I do miss the days when I could wake up without being shoved by a preschooler. So now the gate keeps BB safe in their room, but I fear that constant observation of his brother will allow BB to escape long before he turns four.

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