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The Destroyer

Conan_the_Destroyer_Movie_Special_Vol_1_1Among the annoyances taking place during BB’s bottle strike none have reached the level of destruction quite like his diaper treatment. Because I have to mix the breast milk in with his food (the sippy cup ain’t working either) he has been eating a lot more solids. What goes in most come out and he is just destroying his diapers. The poo is always voluminous, frequent and overflowing. Thankfully, most of the time he has been making in the morning when we are still at home so he is only wrecking his PJs, sheets and anything in his path. When he shoots the poo up his back and down his legs when we are in a store, the only thing you can do is pray. Oh and before I forget and I know you are wondering, the smell is just brutal. If things continue in this vain we will have to move into a barn because our current residence isn’t zoned for livestock.

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