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Media Review – Play Town App

screen568x568Lately, at bedtime, I have started to tell LTD made up stories if he requests one instead of a book. However, at 6am if he wants a story he can do it himself. The PlayTown: My Story Maker App is designed to let little ones create and narrate original stories using a tablet or phone plus their imagination. The app is free and comes with three play sets included. If you wish to buy additional sets they are $1.99 each. Once you pick your play set, which include space, travel and sports, you build your own adventure. Next, you choose props, stages, and wardrobe. The playable cast features monsters and princesses among others. One cool feature allows you to upload your own picture or drawing. You then narrate the story, but the app doesn’t use AI so it can’t shorten the rambling nonlinear nature of young storytelling by adding a beginning, middle and end. Finally, you choose the music; set the sequence and playback your story. LTD still needs a little adult assistance to use the app, so my plan to sleep in still needs more work. playtown_img_features_create

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